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NAS Tyres stands as a premier destination for a diverse array of Japanese tyres. Serving as a trusted wholesaler, our global footprint extends to more than 25 countries, showcasing our commitment to delivering top-quality tyres internationally. With a focus on providing tyres at competitive wholesale rates, NAS Tyres ensures cost-effective solutions for businesses worldwide. As a reliable dealer with over two years of experience, we have garnered the trust of over 1000 clients, solidifying our reputation as a go-to source for high-quality Japanese tyres.

Wide Range Of Tyres

NAS Tyres boasts a comprehensive selection, offering a wide range of top-quality tyres. Ensuring customers have ample choices for their specific requirements. Our commitment to providing an extensive variety underscores our dedication to meeting the diverse demands of the global market.


NAS Tyres has emerged as a prominent wholesaler, extending its reach to over 25 countries, showcasing a global presence and exemplifying its commitment to delivering high-quality Japanese tyres to diverse international markets. Our expansive network positions us as a reliable and preferred partner for businesses seeking a trusted wholesale source.


NAS Tyres stands as a distinguished exporter, reaching various countries with its high-quality Japanese tyres. Our commitment to international trade underscores our role as a reliable and efficient exporter.